Friday, September 16, 2005

Well it looks like Nintendo is really serious about the Revolution. They demoed their new controller. Like most every other system they have made, this one made me step back and ask "WTF are they smoking?" It looks more like the worlds simplest TV remote. After reading the article it sounds like they are taking some of the gyro technology in presentation mice and some of the ideas from the Eye Toy for depth perception. It is interesting that they are essentially going from adding more buttons every generation, to having very few buttons. I wonder how well it will handle someone walking in front of the player. Having four people all trying to sit on a couch playing Smash Brothers may give the game a whole new aspect to the "Smash" part.

I am not sure how this will all work out. Hopefully this holds to the way most all their other controllers (with the exception of the GC) that even thought it is radically different than anything I have seen in previous game systems, it is extremely natural and comfortable to use.

The one thing that looks promising is that if you hold the controller sideways, it is an old NES controller. That is promising for the idea of having a NES library. It just looks like it may be too thick to hold comfortably sideways and the transmitter window will be blocked by the hand.


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