Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I found out last night that my cousin is in the ER from a Tylenol overdose, and now has extensive liver damage. They are not sure if he will live. Apparently he tried to commit suicide. I do not found out any details, that is pretty much it. I do not know how he got to the hospital. I had even talked to him the day before in the parking lot. He was telling me about the problems with his latest car, and was checking out my show car. I am hoping and praying for his recovery. If he does recover, he is going to have one hell of a hard time with a damaged liver. I have a feeling he will need a liver transplant, and I am not sure if they place suicide patience very high on the donor list.
The worst part is that this action does not surprise me. He would give up on things when they became too hard, and he always craved attention. Especially after his dad passed away and his mother remarried. I would see him doing anything to get his mom's attention. Dress goth punk, have small self-inflicted cuts all up and down his arms, pierce every part of his face, and drop out of school. I guess we will see if suicide will get him that attention that he wanted from her. I doubt she is even there at the hospital with him.
He was always pampered, getting what ever he wanted without having to work for it. He had this way of being able to weasel/charm his way into getting people to help him. He never valued anything, and would break, or loose anything that he got. I guess he didn’t even value his own life.
I am worried about his younger brother. That boy is obsessed with death and dieing; has serious anger issues, having threatened my sister with a baseball bat; and is known to steal from friends, family, and stores. He has been diagnosed as being bipolar, and autistic. He has been placed in a special program to help him interact with society. I hope it helps him out.
The mother has tried for years to dump them on their grandparents and other family members. She had written them off as hopeless and doesn't want them around to influence the new baby. I got news for you bitch; it was not due to my uncle's influence that they turned out like they did. They learned to manipulate people and situations to suit their whims from the best, they learned it from you. In time you will see that that new baby of yours will turn out just like them, even with a different father. I hope I am wrong, but I already see that toddler manipulating and following in his step-brothers’ foot steps...

Please take a moment to say a prayer for him, I may not care for him that much, but he is family after all.


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