Thursday, August 18, 2005

Well the expected prices for the XBox 360 are out. They are looking at two sale bundles, one combo will be selling for $399.99 and looks like a Costco mega pack having everything to get you up and running in HD TV; and the bare bones pack for $299.99.

How much did the first XBox sell for when it first came out? I think it was around $200-250. I guess the new price is not too bad. I wonder if it will hinder sales that much? The PSP is selling for about $300 and it sold out in many places; even though it is just a glorified PS1 with a few new tricks. Most people buying the systems are parents and grandparents that, with enough begging, will get there kid a system no mater the price. The other group is young adults that grew up playing video games, are used to having the newest systems, and used to using the Visa card to get what they want. I don't see the price tag being a big issue, but it will hinder some people from getting it for some time. I wonder if the game prices will be going up?

With the expected release date being in November, I am expecting to see news stories of people spending over $600 to get one under the Christmas tree for their little brats. I am also guessing that the original XBox will be taking another price break, maybe even hitting around $100.

I am a little bit nerves about the supply of 360s on the release date. It is the middle of August, and from what it sounds like they are still not sending game developers a finished product for their testing. They may be cutting it close for their production to have enough units for Christmas. I don't think Microsoft will hold back on production expense though, they don't want anything to hurt their chance to beat Sony and Nintendo in holding the new console market. We will see how this goes, should be fun.


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