Friday, July 29, 2005

Well it looks like the ding bats got their way. San Andreas now has an Adults Only rating from ESRB. Rockstar Games will be issuing a new version without the game content that was only accessible by a downloadable mod. Why they are also pulling the console versions, I don't know. I do not think even a mod xbox could access the content. To me it looks like it is just a feel good measure, and when they re-release it they will just put the console disks back on the shelf.

Rockstar Games should take this time and wonderful opportunity to add new missions, a bigger map, and new features to the game. GTA:SA1.5 less porn, more hoes, guns, drive buys, and drugs.

I wonder if the demand for the game has shot threw the roof yet, along with the price. Maybe I should drop buy a store and pick some PC versions up to sell on E-Bay...

(The 'Hot Coffee' mod has even been removed from Fileplanet.)


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