Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I want to give a girl that I work with some flowers for her birthday tomorrow. Knowing that most girls make a big deal about this color = that meaning and that color rose = this meaning, I searched the web to make sure I do not screw up and send the wrong message. Ok, pink, yellow, or white looks like they are safe and I have those colors in my garden.

Well wouldn’t that be the way things go? All the flowers in my garden that were just gorgeous a yesterday are all droopy, and wilting from the heat. All the flowers that is, but one RED ROSE! Now what am I to do?

I could...
1) Put it on here desk when no one is around and leave her to guessing and her imagination.
2) tell her when I give it to her that it was the only nice one I could find in my garden.
3) Go out and buy some flowers, but what is the point of having flower bushes if you cannot give them to girls to brighten their day?
4) Forget the whole sappy, dumb, dorky idea and just give only the gift like everyone else.

Now she is pretty cool and we get along alright. She is a pritty good friend. I think that she would be cool with number 2, but than I have not been all that good with guessing in the past with other girls. Valentines I gave all the ladies in my office a bundle of red, pink, and white roses, and that went ok, they just kept saying I was so sweet. I do little things from time to time to brighten the ladies days, but is a red rose on a friend's birthday going over the line, or am I just paranoid? (I know this has nothing to do with games and PCs, but you may thank me some day)


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