Wednesday, June 08, 2005

A damb shame, politics should have nothing to do with this memorial.
I hope that they provide a back door to the victim’s names, because there is no way I want to go threw that "gateway". Why are the names of the victims chiseled in just concrete? Unless it is a piece of the original foundation, concrete is a huge slap in the face, they could at least use something tasteful; it is one of the cheapest and ugliest things on earth!

I am getting tiered of the museums that are just "high-tech, multimedia tutorial" Why should I go clear across the states to see something they can stream to my PC? I want to see something tangible, parts of the plane, what is left of an elevator, the fire truck that had fire fighters trapped in it, a police officer's hat, the flag that was raised by our fire fighters... something that had meaning and showed the horror and reality of this tragedy. High-tech multimedia could be used for a VR sim of what the Twin Towers looked like inside, before this crime. Let a generation 'see' size and magnificence of the lobby. Let them "see" NYC from the top of the towers. They will never be able to see the wonder that many (including myself, I wish I had seen them) took for granted.

We need a memorial like we have in Hawaii for the attack on Pearl Harbor. The memorial like Oklahoma City National Memorial would be fitting. A memorial that they want to plan can be placed most anywhere. How much does genocide, hate crimes, or war have to do with the hate that caused people to smash planes into three buildings, and caused thousands of people, families, and a nation to suffer? How does this honor the loss of their life? I am not saying the tragedies they want to showcase are any less tragic, any loss of life is tragic, but this is not the place or the time.

What they want to do is remove the reality of this tragedy, and high-tech, multimedia museums are great for that. If you can’t touch it, it is harder to believe it is real.


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