Thursday, April 28, 2005

Hum, a New York Attorney General is suing Intermix Media Inc. in Los Angeles over installing spyware on to computer. It is interesting that he is addressing this as being an issue that is hurting E-commerce. I wonder if he is taking that approach to try and get some of the Fortune 500 companies that are using their service to rethink their marketing strategy.

Spitzer's civil suit accuses Intermix of violating state General Business Law provisions against false advertising and deceptive business practices. He also accuses them of trespass under New York common law.

It looks like his main gripe is the fact that the spyware is installed without the users knowledge or that it is hidden in the EULA. He also is complaining that there are no unistall options, like most software.

I seriously doubt that this will kill spyware, but it will be interesting to see if it has any impact on the practices at all. I do not think we will ever see a button or part of the EULA say 'This action will install spyware, All your base are belong to us' *Accept* *Decline*


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