Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Even Alenware is getting on the Star Wars hype. At least they have good taste and are using art work for the classic Star Wars.

I am beginning to wonder if someone in Star Wars marketing locked Lucas up in a closet. Some of the toys they are putting out are more targeted for the classic fans. They are using art work and toy designs that are more reminiscent of the Star Wars of long ago...

The last two have turned me off, when is the next monstrosity coming out again? I wonder what new lows Lucas will sink to this time? May be he will pick on Han Solo some more. Lets see here, may be Han Solo only accidentally saved Chewbacca because he was goofing off with his blaster and it miss fired. Perhaps we will see a hundred Jedi fall in three minutes of battle with a droid. Another possibility is making that cool space battle in the trailer really last only 3 seconds before switching to someone accidentally blowing something up. The disappointments are endless, and comings soon.


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