Tuesday, March 29, 2005

When I first read that a US Court ordered Sony to stop selling the PS2, I thought it was because it was because it is such a defective product that it violated the law lemon on a large scale. Controllers not working, read disk error, corrupted game saves, game crashes. I usually like Sony products, but I would never consider buying a game system by them. Anyway, it turns out that Immersion sued them because they have a patent on the technology to make a controller vibrate with a game. They have the patent on force feedback?

This brings up question. Why now? This has been used in games for quite some time. The Nintendo 64 and PS one had that in quite a few games. Why Sony PS2? Will Microsoft or Nintendo be next? Did Nintendo suspect something and not add it to the Game Cube? Will this mean that the next generation system not have force feedback? Will PC game companies that added this as an option to a game have to pay, or would
it be the companies that created the hardware?

Man, some times patents suck!


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