Sunday, February 27, 2005

Well I just beat Half Life 2. Just when I was getting to like the new and improved Gravity Gun. The game seamed way too short, but than that may be due to the fact that half the game is not spent jumping around on an alien planet. That is one nice improvement over the first Half-Life. There weren’t any bosses that stood out in my mind. I think that is a the biggest disappointment, considering the first one had some of the most memorable game bosses ever and not to mention some of the most puzzling ways to defeat them. The story left a lot of things unexplained. I think they cut a lot of things out, like the blue ghost alien that they showed in some of the demos. I guess they put most of their energy and time in to creating one of the most realistic physics engines I have ever played. Some of the stuff just blew my mind. But still the game felt too short, but that may be just that empty fealing the end brings about that every Half-Life 1 fan knows all to well…


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