Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Man, what a lousy four day weekend. The almost non-stop rain was pretty depressing, but I thought that it would mean that I would just get more video game playing in. My brand new G-force 6800GT card just came in the mail, and I want to break it in. First thing to check out is see what the measurable improvements are. 3D Mark03 gave my old water cooled (only way I could keep the damb thing from overheating and stay relatively quite) G-force 4 a score around 1400. The new card runs pretty quite, and does not get overly hot. The drivers even have a temp monitoring software that puts my card @ 60C and will automatically scale back on the processing if the core temp hits 120C. Waite a minute, the only things I remember about Celsius is that water freezes at 0C and water boil at 100C. So let’s see in Fahrenheit that is what, um 140 and 248! That is more than I thought. But I guess that is what it is OK, I haven’t had any problems with it crashing due to overheating. The new 3D Mark score, over 9000.

Half Life 2 looks gorgeous with everything maxed out. Doom 3 looks good too, but I think I will have to scale it back just a bit. It still had a bit of lag, but I think it may be more due to the AMD 2100 instead of the card. I would have played more games, but friends started calling me to help them fix their computers. I like helping my friends, don’t get me wrong, it is just that from that moment forward it was like everything was conspiring against me playing any games for the rest of the week. Hope this weekend turns out better. Some sun shine would be a nice change.


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