Monday, January 31, 2005

Noooo! It just does not have the feal of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I cannot see Disney doing the book justice. I would not picture the Heart of Gold as a giant beach ball! I have just started reading the series, but I do not have much faith in Disney getting the book right. It strikes me more of a Mel Brooks kind of movie.

OK, I finally watched the trailer for Star Wars Episode III When Jedis Bitch. Near the end of it, when Darth Vader was on a table and Padmé is looking in shocked horror, I was expecting Darth Vader to start whining. "Obi-won doesn't think I am a true Jedi, he treats me like a kid. Look what he did to me. He is such a meany and I hate him. I want my Mommy! I cann't even suck my thumb now!" I just shuttered at that thought. I am happy to say, Vader did not cry like a baby. In fact it was kind of a nice trailer, because it was mostly of the real Star Wars Obi-Wan talking and clips of the prior movies.

Why did George Lucas have such an issue with Han shooting first, but he has no qualms with Anakin massacring a whole tribe of Sand People? The song Governor Ratcliffe sings in Pocahontas is coming to mind...


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