Friday, January 14, 2005

Mac is trying to get back in the market. Washingtonpost article (Login found here) Always fun to see what crazy things they are up to. Mac Mini, I guess the name Mini Mac would have to many McD and Austin Powers jokes.

The iPod Shuffle sounds cool. Finally, it will use flash memory, meaning a person can jog and exercise with it. The hard drive ones always had me leery of a head crash.

The biggest eye opener was this...
Yet despite selling far more iPods than computers -- just over 2 million vs. 836,000 during the last fiscal quarter for which results are available -- Apple makes more money from Mac desktops and laptops. In that quarter, which ended Sept. 25, it made $537 million from iPods and $1.23 billion from computers.

$1.23 billion for 836,000 computers? Overpriced is comes to mind, lets see...1.23billion / 836k... $1,471. I guess that is not as bad as I thought. Never mind, I could buy an Alienware PC for that much, and Dells are even cheaper still. Those goofy Mac people.

I ran across this on Scrapple Face


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