Monday, January 24, 2005

Halo 2 fundraiser canned.It is too bad these kid's idea got canned, even thought they got the parents to sign waivers, the school still said that it went against the Anti-Violence policy.

"When you look at what happened with Columbine, when you look at acts of violence against young people, I think anything we do that even looks like we're endorsing violence is not appropriate," said Karen Hanson with the Puyallup School District. "

Some how I do not see the link of Halo 2 and Columbine. Beside, the kids already play this game at home or at a friend’s house. I do not see how stopping the fundraiser would prevent a kid from dusting off his SPARTAN armor and going postal with a plasma saber.

They also said it will support the students' fundraiser if they simply switch to a less violent video game.

I guess they should have gone with the Pokémon tournament. I do not think that the school district would have any problems with a game that encourages the sport of animal fighting. It is just so gosh darn cute, unlike that icky game with nasty guns.


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