Saturday, December 18, 2004

What a great way to start a 2 week vacation. Congested, and coughing. Well at least I have plenty of games and movies to keep me entertained. Metroid Prim 2 Echoes, Prince of Persia Warrior Within, Chronicles of Riddick Escape from Butcher Bay.

Metroid Prim 2 is not too different that the first one. Happily things appear to move along a little quicker. After playing for a few hours I have collected three power ups. Things are still very linear; you are prevented from exploring some places until a power up is retrieved, so there is plenty of backtracking.

The Riddick has been pretty enjoyable for a game based on a movie. The lighting reminds me a lot of Doom 3. It can be a little frustrating figuring out how to get past an obstacle, but a few tries the answer does become evident, you just have to keep looking and trying new things. The game takes place right around the time Riddick gets his eyes shined, so the first few levels you cannot see in the dark. It is fun sneak up behind someone and snap their neck, or grab the gun out of a guard’s hands and use it against him. The game play reminds me a lot of Splinter Cell, but better. You are not just limited to sneaking around everywhere. Run and gun, or stealth.

Prince of Persia has been pretty fun. The fighting reminds me a lot of Ninja Gaiden. There are a lot of combos and different weapons affect the fighting style. I can definitely see myself getting addicted to this game. The beginning level is a tutorial explaining a lot of the different attacks, and combos. Sum of the attacks are really cool, like spinning around a pole, hacking off the heads of all that are around. I still need to get past the first boss.

I now also have all three of the extended editions of the Lord of the Rings DVDs. Around 12 hours of butt numbing movie bliss.


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