Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The ESRB does not protect people from games that glorify murder and hate crimes. No, duh! It is the parents that have to protect their kids from the games.
"The report goes on to criticize the ratings system devised by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) to label potentially objectionable games, saying the system is too vague and enforced haphazardly at best by retailers. "
Too vague? How so? I am constantly surprised by the descriptions I have seen on the ESRB labes. 'Animated Blood', 'Comic Mischief', 'Fantasy Violence'. How can they get much more specific? 'Animated Blood from Noise Bleed in Cut Seen in Chapter Five', 'Comic Mischief due to Simulated Flatulance', 'Fantisy Violence by Jumping on a Koopa Trooper'.
"Other groups contributing to the violent-games list went further, calling on retailers to apply the same criteria to games they apply to other media. Dr. Martha Burk, president of the Center for Advancement of Public Policy, noted that leading retailer Wal-Mart bans sexually explicit magazines and CDs but continues to sell "Grand Theft Auto" games. "
I agree. Video games should have the same criteria held to them as other media. As it stands right now, video games have more info on there content than most movies or books. I can think of a popular blockbuster PG-13 movie that has Nudity in it. Even my conservative christen parents said that it was alright because it was 'done artfully and in good taste'. You think a hormone ravaged teen will see it as artful? Now before you go off saying that new movies have been sliding into this and old ones were much more whole some take a look at the rating on Jaws and Billy Jack. Jaws still has people afraid to go to the beach and Billy Jack dealt with rape, hate crimes, a police shoot out/stand off, and cop killing. Both movies are good movies that I enjoyed. I also know they only had a PG or R rating system back then, but still they were only given a PG rating

Why is it one moment Wal-Mart is the evil corporation, but then the next is held to this great expectations of protecting us from all the bad movies, games, music, and magazines?

Gioia said his own research showed retailers made no efforts to prevent
preteens from buying games rated "M" (intended for players 17 and older) in
the vast majority of cases.

Well that is not the case where I by games. I get carded more faithfully for games than I do going to the movies, or buying alcohol or spray paint.

As far as my feelings on the JFK Reloaded, I think it is distasteful. Is it surprising that it came out! No, not with all conspiracy theorists, and all the attention it continues to get. The description almost sounds like what you would get with any History channel special; it is just that you have the opportunity now to be the trigger man. Why someone would pay $10 for what looks like a cheep mod is beyond me. Conspiracy theorists may love it, because they may be able to see if was possible that JFK was shot form other places. I do not know, do not care. Next game to get huge rating boost due to massive media coverage, one that recreates the Lincoln assassination.


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