Saturday, August 14, 2004

Ninja Gaiden Master Tournament #2 is kicking my butt BIG TIME! I am having a hard time just getting up to the first save point. There are white and black robe ninjas all over the place, and they are smarter and faster then they were before. True you have a few new tricks up the sleeve, like being able to do ultras without collecting essence and a new quarter staff, but it is still a challenge. It is going to be a lot of fun.

I watched I Robot the other week. Ehh, it was all right. I will say this is the first movie that I have despised Will Smith’s character. This was a total unexpected, especially after movies like MIB, ID4, and Bad Boys. He comes off as a complete punk and often times I wished that someone would just smack him. The reason that he is this way is because he is prejudice against robots, but the question is why? Did a robot replace him at the burger joint, or go on a murderous rampage killing off everyone he loved when Windows self corrupted? The answer only left me scratching my head.

When Will gets called to his friend’s suicide at the robotics corporation, he immediately thinks foul play by a robot. Everyone thinks that he is totally nuts, and jumping to conclusions, witch I would agree, since he had only been at the seen for two minutes. I am suppressed by the lack of concern for the things that Will dose find later in his investigation. The security footage that would show what happened was corrupted. I know as soon as anything goes wrong on a company system, the tech departments phone starts to ring off the hook. Then there is the fact that the jumper went threw a safety glass window, witch can take the impact of a bar stool, and no test are ran to see if the batch was defective. Hum, guess people are just less suspicious in 2035, which by the way, LA has a ways to go to look like it did.

Now we get the hint of a corporate conspiracy. The owner doses not want anything to hint at the idea that his robots may be dangers, other words the news and panic would just ruin his company and the releasing of the newest modal will be a flop. So everything gets burred in political favors.

So the first day release goes as planed and everyone that participates gets to trade in their old ugly PC Bot for a new Mac Bot, complete with blue glowing plastic and a smile. I was wondering what the catch was. Then I realized, this is a beta release so that means calling a toll number for tech support, and since they are able to get updates, there will be a monthly subscription service fee. Brilliant! This company is truly more evil than Microsoft.

What I got out of the movie is that if you give computers AI and some laws, no mater how simple they are, they will eventually become lawyers and interpret and twist them around to achieve their own goals. World domination! I think they should have gone more for the dark humor that was in Robo Cop and had news highlights. ‘This just in, Los Angelis is engulfed in flames as robots riot in the streets. We believe that this is due to the arrest and beating of a robot by the LAPD…’


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