Monday, August 23, 2004

I remebored this email for Jedi Knights: Mysteries of the Sith. The game itself, was not all that, but you got to play as Mara Jade. Well when it first reliesed Lucas Arts put on their web a free level. Well by the time I got a pc that could play it, they had taken down the link for the game level. So I emailed them.

PROBLEM: A few years ago when the game first came out I remeber seeing a "unrealsed level" available to downlode from the Lucasarts website. I can not find this download any more. Can you please help me. This was the only e-mail I could find. Please help me Lucasarts tecs, your our only hope.

I thought they would find the last part funny, or boost their ego. Well here is the responce I got. I do not know if any one still has the game, but here you go.

Thank you for your message.

PLEASE NOTE: This information is provided solely as a bonus for owners of Mysteries of the Sith. Since the secret level was not included as part of the standard version of the game, LucasArts will not be able to offer any further support than the information contained within this document.

Please do not contact the Technical Support department with questions/comments related to this level, as they will be unable to offer assistance.

If there isn't one already, create a new directory in your MotS directory called "Episode" Inside the "Episode" directory, create another directory called "MotS Secret Level"
Unzip the UNSUPPORTED.ZIP file, which can be found in the GameData/Resource/Video directory of your Mysteries of the Sith CD. Copy the "Jkl" and "Cog" directories from UNSUPPORTED.ZIP into the "MotS Secret Level" directory Right-click here and select "Save Target As.." to download the file episode.jk to the "MotS Secret Level" directory
Run Mysteries of the Sith
Select "Single Player"
Select "New Game"
Choose "MotS Secret Level" from the episode list

Well there you go, a pice of useless info that has been saved from the Lucas Arts web sight cleanup. You may thank me now.


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