Sunday, June 06, 2004

With the movie The Chronicles of Riddick coming out I decided to see Pitch Black I was not disappointed. It blew me away. This low budget movie had better acting, better story line, and better CG than many big budget movies I have see. Guess it just goes to show that money doesn’t make a movie great.
It starts off with a bang, literally. The crew of a deep space passenger ship is awakening to blearing sirens, flashing red lights, and death as space particles riddle their hull. To make matters worse they are uncontrollably falling onto a planet. Parts of there ship are being ripped off or jettisoned. The camera flashes every where, the crew’s eyes, the instruments flashing, the sleeping passengers, the approaching planet. Oh the humanity! The when the dust settles they find they have crashed in California City Then the movie slows down. You get to know the survivors all have something to hide, and you find that the psychopathic murdering convict (Vin Diesel) has escaped. Luckily the only cop able to catch him is one of the survivors. He decides that some of them will stay and salvage the supplies, and he and some others will start looking for "water" or "civilization".
Now it starts getting interesting again. People start turning up missing, and dead. But it is only the people dumb enough to be alone. This leads you to only one conclusion; there are no movies in the future, other words they would know not to go running around in strange planets by yourself. The scouting party finds the only house in all of Cal City, and surprise it is deserted. There is a ship, but someone forgot to fill it with gas before they disappeared. No problem, they have an American to Europe power adaptor in the wrecked ship and just enough fuel cells to get them off this rock.
When more people start turning up dead they finally realize that there is something alive on the planet, and it isn’t kangaroo Rats. These monsters are cool, think aliens with wings. They are safe as long as it is light out, and being on a planet that has three suns, this is not a problem. Except for the fact every twenty years there is an eclipse, and guess what day they crash landed on? Now they decide they need to be nice to Riddick because apparently jail is the only place that they still have cable TV and he has memorized the Alien movies. That and he has these really cool eyes that let him see in the dark like the Predator. So now they are left with all these questions for the rest of the movie. Can they trust him after all the mean stuff they did to him? Will he lead them safly back to the ship, or into the belly of a hungry beast? Will the ship run? Will the human nature to survive turn them on each other? How long till all the woman start falling in love with the convict? Will that love be mercilessly ripped out of their arms?
What? You want me to tell you everything? Go rent it.
I look forward to the next one and I hope that having a bigger budget will not mean that it will blow.


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