Sunday, June 27, 2004

Sweet! Wow! It is a good day to own an XBox and have a Live account. I tried competing on the first round of the Master Tournament, but I did not quite make the top 500. Ouch. Love the look of the multi-eye dude, looks really cool. These are the type of monsters I want to fight!

Ninja Gaiden has spoiled my perception of every other third person action game out there. When I play a game I find myself comparing it to NG. The game may be a perfectly good game, but that does not matter if it's camera angle is off, or the controle reaction is slow. With NG there was like this sixth Ninja since where I became one with Ryu. I can since where the opponents are. I dodge, attack, and deflect with perfect timing. It has been a long time since I have had this experience. Not since playing Star Wars X-Wing or Interplay's Descent have I had this oneness with a game.... (Damb, I could not find links to the company's web page for these games. I feal old...)


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