Tuesday, June 01, 2004

I went and caught Van Helsing in the theaters. For people that have seen the old monster movies may have a harder time enjoying this movie as a new spin has been put on the story. I found it enjoyable. You cannot take this movie seriously, it has a whole undertone of goofy throughout the movie. It reminds me of the X – Men movies as far as things went. A little light humor and some kick ass fights, which made me wonder if they had forgotten that Jackman is playing Van Helsing now, not Wolverine. It was predictable, but that just added to the goofiness.
Helsing has a lot of cool toys, but he did not use them very much. The heroin, Anna Valerious, gets to do a lot of fighting. I am not sure if they did this to keep Helsing from beating up on the Brides of Dracula, or if they just know that cat fights are more fun. Either way I am not complaining.
One part of the movie reminded me of Aliens where Helsing stuck his bare hand into a giant egg sack to see what they were up against. First off you have hundreds of these things wiggling around, what are you doing sticking your hand in one? You want to get it bitten off? I kept expecting a head huger to jump out and get him. Everyone knows that things come jumping out at you from inside gooy eggs, that is why you use a stick, or a shotgun. If it was me I would have blown the things up or diced them and then seen if there was anything left to figure out what they were. I guess he could have been thinking it may be one of Dracula’s victims that he cocooned like the mother Alien, but you could not pay me enough to put my hand in that thing.
The special affects were great. The way the Wolf man changed was bitching. Instead of the hair and nose growing out, he started to change inside his skin and then rip it off himself to show the beast with in. Dracula did not morph into a giant bat, but a huge beast from hell with wings. Much cooler looking than a bat squeaking around.
Very cool movie, looking forward to its release to DVD.


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