Sunday, June 13, 2004

I am hopeless. Even thought I already have a Game Boy SP, I went and got the Classic NES edition. It is totally cool. When it is closed, it looks like the original NES from the top. When you open it up it has the look of the old controllers, it even has the textured labels. Everything about the system is exactly the same as the original ones, no improvements at all. I hate when Nintendo does this. They come out with a new Game Boy system, then after a year or so, they release the same thing but cooler. They do it all the time, and then you are kicking yourself because you couldn’t wait. This is the first time I went out and repurchased one of their products, honest. It is totally cool, ENVY ME!!!! Mwaa ha ha!
Of course a new retro game boy couldn’t have the first game played in it be a new game like Advanced Wars 2, so I had to get one of the classic NES games. I opted for the Legend of Zelda. So many memories came back of me. Memories of me mooching off of all my friends and family, playing there NES all the while my family visited, because my parents would not get us one. ‘The Atari 2600 is good enough, be happy with what you have.’ I was happy, but the NES had so many cool games. I spent hours wondering around aimlessly in the woods of Hyrule, trying to figure out the goal of the game. Now things have changed, I still wonder around the woods, but at lest now I know what the goal is. Find and rescue the Princess Zelda. I always thought I was playing Zelda, not Link. Funny how that goes. I use to also think Samus was a guy...
They did a great job porting the game. Unlike other games they have done, this one is exactly the same. No new graphics or revamped look and feel. The game even lags when there are too many sprits on the screen or flickers when two sprits overlap. Great stuff at twenty bucks a pop. I guess the younger kids will think I have lost my mind, but you would have had to grown up with these games to appreciate the beauty of it. I hope that they convert more of them. I do have a NES now, and I have quite a few of the great games. It is just nice being able to play these games when ever, where ever.


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