Sunday, April 25, 2004

Well that figures, Unreal Tournament 2004 comes out as a DVD about two weeks after I buy it on 6 CDs. I had to do a double take, yes 6 CDs. They did not even give me one of the cool jewel cases, the thick ones that flip like a book. They just put them all in paper sleeves. How tacky! I had not seen that many CDs for a game sense Baldur’s Gate. Why do they do that? Why not just release it on DVD in the first place? Do they think not enough people have DVD readers? Do they think that we enjoy storing massive amounts of CDs? I can see doing that back in the days of BG, the DVD was not even being used for movies, but now most everyone has a DVD drive. Most computers that have system specs this high to run the game has a DVD drive. If they do not, then that is just sad.
They could have released the CD and DVD version at the same time. Like widescreen and full screen movies. Not waited just long enough for me to buy it and then taunt me, ‘ha, ha, you should have waited.’
I guess the days of games coming out to just DVD are still a ways away. Even as I type this, I am installing Far Cry (5 disks with the cool CD case) on my PC and am getting interrupted by notices to insert the next disk. Oh well…
Another reason to like the Xbox, besides Ninja Gaiden, all the games come on one DVDs and no install time.


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