Friday, September 17, 2004

Go checkout Slashdot as they are covering the George (The evil one) Lucas release of the pusified edition of Star Wars on DVD. The comments are very funny and everyone still has the same old grips about the originals being better. And it’s true, they are better, but alas, old man George sure knows better than us, right? What an asshole. You see George has this stupid Idea that you can own a piece of art. You can’t.

If I see a panting in a museum, the artist can’t come along latter and say, I have change my painting and you must only remember my new version because I own! BRuww HAWWWHAW! A piece of art is in reality an idea of the mind and once you make an Idea public, everybody owns it. We simply give people the right to make money off of their ideas as a way of encouraging people to create other great ideas (No, we did not have Ja Ja in mind). Thus Lucas does not own star wars; he just has the temporary rights to make money off of it. In the same way, no one should ever be allowed to buy the copywrite to something and then never allow it to be distributed as this would violate the concept that they are to make money from spreading this idea. If they don’t attempt to spread it, why should we allow them to hold the copy right? Fine Lucas try to hide away these original classics but if you do, you should lose the copy right. You cannot own an idea.

Now if we could just get congress to change the laws…

Lone Wolf


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