Friday, September 17, 2004

Finally! The computer Gods are good! I am back online at home finally! I recently moved and I wanted to try cable internet for a change. After a bunch of hassles I was finally able to save 100 bucks and still get online about a 1 day after I signed up for Comcast broad band. Comcast being by its very nature a shitty company (as all Cable companies are thus by definition) wanted me pay an extra 100 bucks for the “full service install” that all first time Comcast customers have to go though. This was after I had battered their website into letting to do the 10 dollar self install kit (What a joke, 10 bucks for a cd!) and then they emailed me telling that as a first time customer I had to pay for the 100 bucks for the “full service” install. I replied asking if this “full service” included a pretty Blond girl giving me a BJ, but they said most of their installers were guys, so that was out. Like I really need someone to tell me how to setup my network! What do they take me for, a Mac using AOLer? Fuck them. So I did the cleaver thing by signing up for their basic cable (11 bucks a month 30 bucks to setup) and then on the same day they did the cable setup I ordered the self install kit. Instead of waiting for the kit, I called up Comcast support (they are open 24/7 and surprisingly easy to get a hold of, and nice too. At least that part has changed, but the rip off prices are the same.) and I had them do a manual modem registration. Thus I got the internet almost the same day as my shitty basic cable and I saved enough money to go and find that pretty blond for a BJ. In all I was pretty happy with myself. Hey Dark Indy, you got any 384k a second download speeds? :)


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