Sunday, August 22, 2004

Games a coming....

Lone Wolf chiming in between my packing and weekend coding:

Man these next couple of months looks to totally packed full of very cool games:
1. Rome Total War - I have waited my entire life to fight with war elephants and roman legions. I loved medieval total war (Even if could never get mine lines to move straightly) and I am so looking forward to Rome.
2. Half Life 2: This game has caused me so much angst and suffering, stupid oh, it’s been like delayed for a year shit! The original was so much fun, so very challenging (without becoming boring), and the multiplier blew my mind! Just ask Dark Indy what he thinks about me and laser guided missiles :) The source engine looks so sweet, but the coolest part I think will be the awesome game play, Valve don't let me down!
3. Halo 2: Halo was a blast, I can't of anything more fun and exciting than running around in my warthog running aliens over bad guys and falling off cliff and getting blue blobs attached to me... Halo 2 should be very cool.
4. HOI 2. I loved the first game (Even though I think I could build a better game) it was WW2 simulation at its best (and yes, it was impossible not to surrender as the French) and it all a research tree the cover most of the very cool invention of ww2: Nukes, Missiles, and the jeep. You could play as any major power (USSR highly recommended) and go though the entire war. Best WW2 sim ever. Only bad thing it’s not going to be out until next year. It’s supposed to add a less micromanaged tech tree and better battle interfaces. But just like civ, its all about the techs and world conquest.
5. Metroid prime 2: You can't get better than a fine as babe kicking alien ass (Ok, so Ryu is cooler, but samus is so much fun to play with... shit, that sounded wrong..). The multiplayer should add a whole new cool element to the mix.
6. Jade empire: I will probably be more excited about this game later, but I don't think it will be out before the middle of 2005. The first fight/rpg/ Chinese fantasy game I have ever heard of and best of all, its bioware. It should so rock.
7. KOTR 2. The first one was so much fun and the force powers and sweet swinging light sabers are back for more!

Oh and I Battle Field 2 does not suck the way Battle Field Vietnam did.

Wolf Out.


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