Sunday, June 27, 2004

I am like so addicted to day of defeat.... I can't stop playing it. I play it for at least an hour every night, and it shows. I now lead almost every time I play on with the most kills, deaths, deaths by my own nade, death by my teamates nades, death by falling from a high place, most kills with a machince gun un-deployed (75% of all my kills are that way), most liklly person to turn my team around, most liklly person to wipe out the entire enmiy team, and the most likelly that you are going to die if you stand near me...

One game I killed 9 people in a row with the un-deployed MG. Included 2 on the last flag as I flew though the air, raining lead from above thus allowing my team to win the round. I was accused of cheating and it felt good. You know you are good when everybody begans to whine about your haxin skills.

Yes, I am a lone wolf. Don't fallow me if you want to live. If its a team effert, I will allways be the first to die. If you need a flag captured, I will allways find a way to capture it, just don't send anyone with me. If you need that mg removed for sure, just send me, and only me. I live and die best alone, so keep the team play for the pack leaving the killing to a lone wolf like me. (And don't get in my way)


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