Sunday, June 06, 2004

Hey, Lone Wolf chiming in about all of DI’s recent posts. DI is so right about Pitch Black, it really did blow the house away. It was a wonderful character study that was part horror, sci-fi, and psychic killer thriller. It was stylish, fun, and you never knew how it would end. A very entertaining flick. And the planet did not look like Cal. City! (But it will look like Palmdale after all the speed heads finish killing each other off).

It’s sad when a leader as great as RR dies. Reagan’s actions helped free some 400 million people from oppression and slavery. This man won the cold war and he lifted the threat of total destruction from our heads (And don’t tell me MAD was a great idea, it was the least worst options a shitload of stupid options, it’s not a strategy I would choose). If there is an after life, I hope they give a place of honor. (And I hope the part about Hitler getting the pineapples up the ass from Satan is true too).

Actually there are studies that show the people who play video games are slightly more violent then people who don’t. But again, I don’t give a fuck. It’s my right to play these games and if you try to stop me I will beat you into a pile of bloody pulp! Die censoring bitches! Now where is my chain gun…?

Well, I have to get back to my D-day induced day of defeat marathon. Just remember if you see lone wolf with a Tommy gun at long range, you should duck, I have over a 90% kill ration at long range shooting with that baby. I am the master of killing people in impossible ways and if you don’t believe me, just ask DI. (Oh and run if throw a nade, I tend to kill me and my own teammates more often than not….)

War out.

Lone Wolf


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